What is The Purpose of Temporary Site Hoarding in Construction?

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Temporary site hoarding is essential for the protection of passers-by, and this post will cover its purposes and why closing off construction is important. If you’ve ever passed a construction site, you may have wondered why there are usually safety structures encompassing the area, even if the construction taking place doesn’t seem heavy-duty. Although site hoarding could seem excessive at times, there are several reasons why it needs to happen.

Here are the purposes of temporary site hoarding:

  • 1. Hoarding is a safety precaution
  • 2. Site hoarding can be used for marketing purposes
  • 3. Closing off the construction site secures the area

There are numerous purposes and benefits of site hoarding, all of which are in the best interest and safety of all parties involved. This blog will elaborate on the functions of temporary site hoarding and the types of hoardings available.

1. Hoarding is a Safety Precaution

Construction sites pose several health and safety risks, and hoarding london provides barriers that combat these risks. Some hazards that construction sites bring about include:

  • Falling objects
  • Harmful debris
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Noise

Although construction workers wear gear that protects them from potential hazards, the general public doesn’t. A temporary site hoard ensures people walking by are aware that construction is happening and to remain cautious.

2. Site Hoarding Can Be Used for Marketing Purposes

Using a site hoard allows businesses to advertise their organization by having their logo and brand messages on the barriers. Many companies will promote their new project on the fabric’s design and notify the public of what’s being built or implemented.

Doubling a temporary site hoard as a promotional tactic is a clever way to market an organization while maintaining the safety and welfare of all parties involved. Adding specific imagery or texts to your barriers that inform people a little more about the project can create anticipation and excitement around the site and ultimately, the company!

3. Closing Off The Construction Site Secures The Area

While one of the primary purposes of temporary site hoarding is to protect the people inside the site and those surrounding the area, it also acts as security for the project. It’s not uncommon for incidents of theft and vandalism to occur on construction sites, so hoarding also serves as a security unit.

Depending on how durable the hoard looks and is, it can discourage anyone who would’ve thought of trespassing the premises. Unauthorized access can be dangerous for the trespassers and the company, making site hoarding great for protecting the project and the public.

Types of Site Hoards

As time passed and the construction industry developed, a select few materials are generally favored because of their effectiveness and durability. While more advanced hoarding materials like aluminium composites are available, companies may find themselves sticking to the basics.

Steel Hoarding

A steel hoarding is designed and used for long-term projects. Steel hoardings are reusable and durable, making them great for outdoor projects that will take some time to complete. Given that they’re easy to establish, using steel hoardings can save a great deal of time.

Concrete Blocks

Besides being able to withstand lots of resistance, you can use interlocking systems with concrete hoarding, reducing labor costs and time. Concrete hoarding can be disassembled and transported as needed without hassle.

Timber Hoarding

Timber hoardings are known to be the most eco-friendly option, as they can be reused and procured ethically. Using timber for site hoarding is great for businesses looking to lessen their carbon footprint and use more sustainable options.

Final Thoughts

Temporary site hoarding is a mandatory requirement that protects the project from various problems such as unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. Ensuring that site hoardings are inspected before usage safeguards the hoarding and makes sure the site is protected!