Three Types of Construction Site Advertising Boards

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In construction, there are several kinds of signage with different functions. This blog will cover the different construction site advertising boards. Construction site advertising boards or banners are often essential when construction is taking place. Similar to site hoarding, construction advertising signage aims to inform the public of what’s happening and keep them protected. But what types of signage are used?

The three types of construction site advertising boards include construction banners, construction signs, and fence signage. Although the signage is similar to one another, they each have different applications. If you were confused about how the different construction signs vary, keep reading to learn more about the three types of construction signage and their sub-types!

What Are the Types of Construction Boards?

Having symbols and signage that informs the public about potential hazards and how to avoid them is crucial. Not having signage and banners around the building site could result in health complications, making it the company’s duty to ensure the public is well-informed and protected.

Construction Banners

Construction banners are often used for advertising and promotional purposes, as they’re large format printed and excellent for getting information around. These banners will typically display information such as the company’s contact information or relevant details regarding the project.

These banners are also commonly used to inform the public of construction or revamps that will eventually take place in the near future. The most commonly used materials for construction banners are mesh and vinyl, as they’re lightweight, durable, and suitable for outdoor use.

Construction Signs

Not to be confused with construction banners, construction signs are smaller than banners and are used to create a functional environment. A few examples of construction signs include:

  • Warning signs that inform pedestrians of potential hazards and danger
  • Traffic signs that coordinate the movement of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Safety signs that tell people what to do to protect themselves from hazards (more commonly used for those onsite).

Construction signs are crucial for ensuring that operations flow smoothly and everyone is granted a safe environment!

Fence Signage

Fence signage is multi-purpose and is fastened to the construction site fencing. This type of signage is incredibly versatile, as it can be used for advertising purposes, informing the public of potential hazards, etc.

Benefits of Construction Site Advertising Boards

Much like site hoarding, construction site advertising boards and signage have several advantages and are cost-effective, giving you bang for your buck. If you get your signage done by Revolution Site Hoarding, you can be certain your boards will be worthwhile!

Construction Site Advertising Boards Ensure Safety

One of the primary functions of this signage is to inform those surrounding the area of the potential danger they may come across. By using signs that make the public aware of potential hazards (like slips and trips), it encourages them to be more cautious when they’re in the area.

Not only does this signage protect pedestrians, but it also ensures the construction workers onsite are informed and know what to do to protect themselves.

Construction Signage Can Double as Marketing Material

A definite bonus of having construction banners is that companies can promote their brand on the face of the banner. Having the company’s logo, products, or services on the signage does wonders for increasing brand recognition!

Signage Ensures Operations Flow Correctly

For example, traffic control signs are excellent for making sure that everyone knows where to go and how to get there safely. Without these signs, it’s likely that everything wouldn’t be directional or functional, increasing the risk of safety hazards.

Final Thoughts

Construction site advertising boards are a must-have for any construction site. Not only do they create excitement around what’s to come, but they also ensure the public is protected from any construction dangers!