Site Hoarding London- Tips To Remember For The Best Hotel Hoarding Design

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If you’re in the process of coming up with a Hotel hoarding design but don’t know where to start, this blog will discuss tips for the best hoarding design. Many will find that designing hotel hoarding can take a lot of time and consideration, as a hotel’s hoarding can be deemed the face of the brand to a certain extent. Although designing hotel hoarding can be overwhelming, knowing the best tips can lessen the load.

Here are some tips to remember for the best Hotel hoarding design:

  • Ensure the hoarding matches the brand’s aesthetic
  • Place the contact details in a focal point
  • Promote your brand
  • Ensure you use legible fonts
  • Be careful not to over-design the hoarding

Although the process of designing hoarding can be tricky for some, it’s essential to keep the best tips in mind for Hotel hoarding design. If you want to know how to create the best hotel hoarding, keep reading to learn more about the tips for hotel hoarding design!

Five Tips For Hotel Hoarding Design

The tips for designing an awesome hotel hoarding are reasonably straightforward. However, designing the hoarding and ensuring its effectiveness will often take time and patience. It’s essential to be thorough and make sure the hoarding is on par!

1. Ensure The Hoarding Matches The Brand’s Aesthetic

One of the most important aspects of hoarding design is ensuring the overall look of the hoarding matches the brand’s aesthetic. For example, if your brand leans toward a more modern or traditional aesthetic, designing the hoarding to be modern or traditional is a great idea and shows consistency. By designing your hoarding to match the brand’s aesthetic, you can boost brand recognition, as people will be able to recognise the brand right away.

2. Place The Contact Details In A Focal Point

A part of your hotel hoarding design should include contact details. The hotel’s contact details are incredibly important for ensuring anyone interested in making a booking or contacting you can easily do so. Keep in mind that the contact details should be loud and clear on the hoarding, guaranteeing that missing the contact details isn’t an option!

3. Promote Your Brand

Hoarding is one of the best and most seamless ways to promote a brand and what it has to offer. You can add factors like monthly specials and the hotel’s amenities to the hoarding, which will do a great job of persuading people to make a booking. 

If you’re unsure how to go about promoting your brand on the hoarding, you can contact a bespoke site hoarding company like Revolution Site Hoarding London. By contacting a hoarding agency if you’re in doubt, you can ensure you’re getting the best quality services and hoarding!

4. Ensure You Use Legible Fonts

One of the biggest mistakes that companies might make regarding hoarding is using fonts that aren’t easy to read. It would be best to stick to the basic fonts when it comes to hoarding, as it ensures everything written on the hoarding is legible and easy to read.

5. Be Careful Not To Over-Design The Hoarding

You may find that it’s best to under-design hoarding than to over-design it. Over-designed hoarding with too much going on can make it incredibly difficult for viewers to focus on the main points, resulting in disinterest in the hoarding. Ensure you keep loud graphics to a minimum and only include things you consider necessary. Remember that simplicity is key to effective hotel hoarding and ensuring viewers aren’t overwhelmed by the design!

6. Be Sure To Match The Signage With The Brand’s Aesthetic

Last but not least, you need to ensure your brand’s aesthetic and signage board match one another. Not only will it make your brand more easily recognisable, but it will also aid in increasing brand awareness, recognition, and consistency. For example, you can create your signage board design in the same colours as the company, or use contrasting colours that go well with one another (such as red and white or black and yellow). Depending on what the company colours are, you can design the signage board accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Designing hotel hoarding is an excellent way to both protect any construction activities and promote the brand. By having effective hoarding, you can trust that you’ll gain many new potential customers!