Low budget? Foam PVC might be hoarding material for you

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Foam PVC might be hoarding
material for you

Foam PVC is a soft, light material known primarily for temporary signage. It is typically used where damage, marking or warping might be less of a concern for purchasers and often viewed as a budget option. It can certainly save organisations a lot of money compared to more complex laminated materials or aluminium based solutions, for example. At Revolution Site Hoardings, however, we are not sure it deserves that reputation.

A budget solution needn’t be an untidy or scrappy one. The secret is applying Foam PVC correctly, using the right fittings and, perhaps, showing it a little more tender loving care than you might for more robust solutions. You needn’t compromise on the quality of the result though. By taking the right steps, there’s no reason Foam PVC shouldn’t look every bit as eye-catching.

So with a bit of careful handling, Foam PVC can stand up against the competition but what else has it got going for it? It is super smooth thanks to a co-extruded high-gloss surface, flat and rigid. It is available in a range of vibrant base colours as well as brilliant white. Water-resistance is strong too as is, more importantly perhaps, fire resistance. Foam PVC does not ignite or spread flame in line with British Standard Fire Test 476.

The other reason to take a close look at Foam PVC as a hoarding material is its environmental credentials. It is available with a fully recycled core, leaving only outer layers of clean virgin Foam PVC ready for printing. Prioritising recycled material in this way can make a valuable contribution to any construction projects’ sustainability and carbon reduction targets.

All this means that, despite its reputation for being a budget material, it’s a material to consider. Importantly, we have the skills to ensure that it is correctly installed taking into account its lightweight characteristics and risks of warping and other damage. Whatever your budget, we can help you choose the right material for your project and, because we are experts, make sure you get the best results whichever decisions you make.

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