How To Choose Your Construction Hoarding Design for Great Results

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Hoardings are highly useful materials that help keep a site safe and promote a brand or project. However, they are effective advertising methods only when you choose a construction hoarding design carefully. This guide will help you learn how to select the right decision for your construction site hoardings. Hoardings are a common feature at a construction site. Although they are temporary, they are capable of communicating key messages and are influential amongst the public. For many developers and contractors, construction hoardings are an amazing outdoor advertising opportunity. However, the hardest part in the process is to choose the right construction hoarding design. It needs to be something that not only differentiates your site from a public place but also helps you in advertising your project. According to experts, when it comes to advertising through construction hoardings, the design must be simple yet captive. In addition, there should be a clear, attention-grabbing message on the board. Here are some more tips to help you choose a design for your construction hoardings:

Find a Memorable Story

We live in a world where we see different kinds of advertisement resources – from traditional billboards to modern social media channels. When there are many things to grab the attention, it becomes difficult for onlookers to remember everything they see. To ensure that people take a look at your construction site hoardings and remember what is designed on it, come up with an exciting and memorable story. For example, you can use some fun words or a tongue-in-cheek message to provide something unique to the audience. Apart from that, rather than telling people what your brand is, show them. For example, Nike once used a creative hoarding design.

Decide How You Want to Use Your Hoardings

Having an idea about the construction hoarding design is important. You must know what you want to advertise and how. For example, in the image above, Apple addressed an issue in 2016 when it was denied permission to erect an “obtrusive” flagpole at a store in London. You can also choose a story or a message that you want to deliver to your audience. Apart from that, you can also get an attractive image that grabs the attention of your audience and makes them think of your brand.

Choose Bolder Colours

Dull boards won’t attract the attention of people walking by a construction site. Bright, bold colours may not be of your type but they are capable of grabbing the attention of those who aren’t even interested in your services. It means they can attract people and make your brand stand apart from the crowd. For example, in the image above, you can see how Apple used so many different colours to make the hoarding look attractive. Although it’s a very simple design, it is capable of attracting people passing through it and taking a look at it. Remember, having more than one dynamic can make your hoarding look overpowering and hinder it from delivering the required message.

Join Hands with Experts

No matter how experienced a brand is, you must work with experienced professionals for a construction hoarding design that not only makes your site secure but also attracts people from a distance. For creative, highly useful, and cost-effective site hoarding design, contact the Revolution team.