From strength to strength: why aluminium composite is today’s hoarding material of choice

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From strength to strength: why aluminium composite
is today’s hoarding material of choice

Premium aluminium composite panels are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor flat signage and hoarding uses. At around 4kg/m2 they are lightweight yet provide a rigid and extremely flat surface perfect for digital printing. Revolution Site Hoardings recommend them if you’re expecting your hoarding to be around over the long term. Some of our clients need to protect construction sites for years rather than just a matter of weeks or months. In which case, aluminium composite wins hands down because of its durability, strength and weatherproofing. They won’t let you down in harsh conditions (-50℃). You can hit them with a force of 50kg without leaving a dent too.

They get their toughness by sandwiching a crystalline thermoplastic polymer core between two thin aluminium panels. Strongly bonded, the three elements add up to an incredibly robust package and although the initial investment may be a little higher, as a result, aluminium composites probably provide value for money over time.

Revolution Site Hoardings can UV print directly onto the composite’s surface using our own equipment. Aluminium composite panels have improved ink adhesion which means colours and images shine either as a gloss finish or a matt laminated finish that protects the artwork. Protected this way, aluminium composites are easy to clean on-site. As well as being physically tough, they are resistant to acid, oils and solvents.

Tough and easy to clean without compromising on graphical finish? It is easy to see why aluminium composites are increasingly becoming the hoarding material of choices across the construction industry. If your task is to create striking graphics in a tough environment or for a long time without compromising quality, there is very little to touch them.

As you might expect, we keep abreast of all the latest hoarding news at Revolution Site Hoardings. It’s been great to see materials improve as materials and technology have developed. We make sure our clients have all the latest innovations at their disposal. This includes aluminium composite materials.

If you’re facing a challenge and would like some advice or a quotation, feel free to contact our team.