A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Hoarding Graphics in London

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Hoarding graphics provide an amazing, cost-effective advertising opportunity. However, getting them isn’t as simple as using them. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get hoarding graphics in London that suit your requirements. In today’s digital era, hoardings still act as a powerful advertisement technique. These panels let you utilise the space that otherwise serves no purpose. They are effective, affordable, advertising tools that also provide protection to a site and people working there. Hoarding graphics are used at construction sites for these reasons and their benefits include:

  • They are make sure a site is meeting the legal requirements.
  • They are customisable, attractive, and practical advertising solutions that can be personalised for brand awareness and promotion.
  • They help connect a company or a brand with its audience.

How Can You Get Hoarding Graphics in London?

Hoardings are a fantastic opportunity for advertisement, but they aren’t easy to create. However, when you find an expert in site hoarding graphics, printing, and production, it all becomes much easier.
A company like Revolution Site Hoardings, an Essex-based specialist in site hoardings and printing, supplies construction site hoardings to utilise the blank space while ensuring the safety of passersby. To make the process of getting hoardings in London and nearby regions easy and time-saving, here are some steps you could follow:

Step 1: Identify your requirements

Often people will look for a print supplier before understanding what exactly they require. As a result, they fail to tell exactly what they are looking for, and get products that serve no purpose. Ideally, the first step in the process of getting site hoardings is to learn what you need. For example, you should have an idea about how you plan to use hoardings. Find answers to questions like:

  • Will the hoardings be used for outdoor advertisement? 
  • What will go on hoardings?
  • How will hoardings attract people?

Step 2: Note measurements

One of the most amazing things about modern site hoardings is that you can customise them as per your requirements. However, it comes with additional tasks, and one of them is taking measurements. When it is about the legal use of construction site hoardings, there are strict regulations related to their size and shape. Understand your requirements to understand what can be the ideal size for graphics on these boards.

Step 3: Find and reach a hoarding supplier

Once you’ve identified your requirements and taken precise measurements, the next step in the process is to look for an expert. Often people will search for companies that offer cheap hoarding graphics in London. Although the budget is important, it is also essential to ensure that the company has suitable services for your needs. Ensure the supplier has a proven track record to create effective and affordable hoardings.

Step 4: Discuss your plan

To know more about a supplier, collect information on their services. For example, at the official website of Revolution Site Hoardings, we provide our potential customers with samples of our work. They can look at these samples to learn about our expertise. In addition, you should contact a supplier to discuss your plans and expectations.

Step 5: Finalise and proceed

When you’re 100% sure that the company has suitable hoarding graphics services for your needs, it is time to seal the deal. Finalise the artwork and tell the measurements you need. In the end, you’ll get the desired product to meet your advertising requirements.

Ready to get hoarding graphics?

If you’re in search of an expert for hoarding graphics in London, come to Revolution Site Hoardings. We are a specialist large format printer known for supplying impressive, impactful signage to construction sites across the UK. Consult us for more information!