A Guide to the Top Tips for the Best Hoarding Design

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If you’re looking for hoarding but are unsure about the best practises to keep in mind, this blog will discuss the top tips for the best hoarding design. Designing hoarding can often be taxing, as there are numerous factors to consider. Although the process of hoarding design can take trial and error, the tips to keep in mind are relatively straightforward.

Here are the top tips for the best hoarding design:

  • Consult a hoarding printer
  • Ensure the hoarding isn’t over-designed
  • Remember to include important details
  • Choose a viable location for the hoarding
  • Ensure the hoarding reinforces your brand identity
  • Use easy-to-read texts and fonts

There are several aspects of a hoardings design that is essential to keep in mind. By ensuring you know the top tips and best practises, your hoarding design process will be seamless. Keep reading to learn more about the top tips for the best hoarding design!

Six Tips for the Best Hoarding Design

Many people may find it overwhelming to design hoarding, as the thought of it being on display for everyone to see can increase the pressure of wanting to make it perfect. However, the need for complete perfection isn’t necessary for hoarding so long as you remember the top tips!

1. Consult a Hoarding Printer

If you’d rather not design hoarding completely on your own, it would be best to contact a hoarding company, as they’ll do it best. Revolution Site Hoarding is a bespoke and versatile hoarding printing company, and they can be your go-to if you’re ever struggling with your hoardings design or don’t have time to immerse yourself in the process. With various hoarding materials and graphics, you can be confident that your hoarding will be authentic.

2. Ensure the Hoarding Isn’t Over-Designed

Having too many elements or graphics on the design can make the point of the hoarding unclear. By having an over-designed hoarding, it may be too much information for the passerby to digest, and they likely won’t be willing to look again. To ensure passers-by are engaged and able to quickly grasp the hoarding, it’s best to keep the design simple and sleek.

3. Remember to Include Important Details

Details such as contact information are crucial for hoarding, as it ensures that anyone interested in your products or services can get ahold of you if they need to. Make sure to place essential information somewhere it’ll be a focal point on your hoarding.

4. Choose a Viable Location for the Hoarding

Your hoardings location can do wonders for how many people see it. If you place the hoarding in a relatively quiet area, not many people will likely see it, which isn’t great if the purpose of your hoarding is to increase brand awareness.

5. Ensure the Hoarding Reinforces Your Brand Identity

By using a hoarding design that matches the aesthetic of a brand, you can solidify and strengthen your brand identity. For example, you can use your company colours as part of the hoarding, and this has a high likelihood of boosting brand recognition.

6. Use Easy-to-Read Texts and Fonts

Illegible texts and fonts are a surefire way to deter people from being interested in your hoarding. The best way to keep people engaged is to use a clear font and keep the content on the hoarding concise. If people find it difficult to read the information on your hoarding, they’ll be discouraged from trying further and you could’ve lost a potential customer.

Final Thoughts

Although your hoardings design is incredibly important, the information on the hoarding matters just as much. By keeping the hoarding design fresh and contacting a hoarding printer if you’re stuck, you’ll have eye-catching hoarding in no time!