5 Benefits of Construction Site Advertising Boards

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Construction site advertising boards are used for large-scale advertisements and are visible to passers-by, including pedestrians and drivers. The perfect example of construction advertising boards would be billboards. These boards possess the most subtle yet surprisingly influential marketing techniques that cannot be avoided. Here are 5 benefits of construction advertising boards.

100% Visibility

Due to their strategic placement, construction site advertising boards are visible from all directions, and quite simply unavoidable. With the right design, pedestrians will be hooked by the eye-catching imagery displayed on the boards and engage with your brand’s marketing message.

Brand Awareness

Raising brand awareness is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy, as it educates potential customers about its services and helps keep a brand front of mind. Construction site advertising boards are a great way to raise brand awareness by showing the services that are offered, with visible evidence of the great work a company has produced.

Customized Location

There are many different construction companies that exist and only operate in specific locations. For those companies, a carefully located marketing campaign would be 100 times more valuable than a pricey international marketing campaign. Construction site advertising boards are the perfect way to target a specific audience by location.

Available 24/7

Once installed Construction site advertising boards are visible day and night for your chosen campaign period. This gives you the opportunity for your marketing message to be communicated to different people on multiple occasions.

Spark Curiosity

Due to the attention-grabbing and captivating visuals of construction site advertising boards, people get curious and search for more information about the advertiser especially when in need of their service. Advertising boards are designed to catch people’s attention, promote services and encourage potential customers to engage with a specific call to action.

Where to Get the Best Construction Site Advertising Boards

The benefits of using construction site advertising boards are innumerable, but where do you get the graphics for the boards? Revolution Site Hoarding London provides printing, production, and installation services for all construction site advertising boards. The best thing about Revolution Site Hoarding London is that all advertising boards are specifically custom-designed to cater to the advertisement needs requested.

Why Choose Revolution Site Hoarding London?

Professional Services

Revolution Site Hoarding London is a company that is comprised of top-notch graphic design professionals and experts that have been in the industry for years. Our professionals not only offer services for printing, production, and installation of construction site advertising boards, they also offer insight on which graphic prints would best suit your project needs.

High Quality

All Revolution Site Hoarding London materials including their construction site advertising boards are intensively supervised to ensure that they are of the highest quality. One of our core missions as a company is to ensure our partners are delivered with best quality advertising boards that clearly communicate their marketing message.

Custom-made Designs

All construction site advertising boards produced at Revolution Site Hoarding London are custom made according to the clients:

  • Tastes and preferences
  • Needs
  • Price
  • Desired design

Having mastered the art of distinctively producing exactly what our clients need, at Revolution Site Hoarding London we simply exceed our client’s expectations.


Revolution Site Hoarding London is a sister company to Revolution Signs Limited, a company that has rooted itself deeply in the graphic industry for years. Our guarantee to you is that Revolution Site Hoarding London prints, produces, and installs your construction site advertising boards exceptionally because we know the Dos and Don’ts of graphic design. You can be assured that your brief will be taken, understood and used as a foundation for the entire designing process.

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