4 Ways to use your hoarding board constructions

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Building sites can look messy and unorganised, which can leave the community frustrated and troubled. Site hoarding london contractors use hoarding boards to ensure that individuals are safe and that they do not enter the construction site, but there are more options that can be beneficial to the community.

Keep your community informed

Whilst the construction hoarding boards excel in protecting individuals from entering a high danger zone, they can also be useful in informing the community about information that is helpful and insightful. This does not solely have to be safety measures for on site, but can also be used to inform the community about safety and regulations in and around the specific area.

Placing information can help protect the public from future risks or threats which may lead to injuries. For example, by informing the public about local pickpocketing or wild cats, which could lead to an injury, will be of value to the locals and will inform individuals that do not visit the area that often, that there are dangerous activities in and around the area.

Examples for onsite protection can be: ‘to wear a safety hat at all times’. Another example for community protection can be: “Caution, pick pocket area, keep all your belongings close by.”

Show and build engagement in your projects

Construction sites have dangerous materials that can lead to injuries. However, site hoarding contractors use boards to hide these materials. Solely using these boards for safety is a waste of space. They can be used for so much more.

The construction boards can be used to advertise the company that will use the building or show how the building will look and why it is being built. This will inform the community that the building has a purpose and which will add value to the community after being built.

Examples are: “Railway on its way” or “proud to serve Manchester in any way possible.”

Share messages that can benefit the community

Every community has their own struggles. The diversity in every community can make it difficult to add value to all of them at once. Hoarding construction boards can add value to all communities if the right messages are used. All sides of the construction site must be closed to protect individuals at all times. By placing high-quality messages that are applicable to the specific surrounding community, site hoarding contractors can add value statements to motivate and inform individuals about how they can stay safe or keep them positive with a good quote. Examples can be: “Creativity is a way of dreaming, let’s start dreaming.”

Brand awareness

As all famous brands know, being in the public eye can lead to increased sales in the future. If the brand is at the back of the public’s mind, they will unconsciously think about your products and services without you needing to do much. A great way to attract individuals to your brand, is by using hoarding boards. Businesses can advertise their services or products that customers will use in the future. By showing all the business services beforehand, customers can see what lies ahead and how this can be of benefit to them in the future. This will lead to more sales and brand awareness in the future. Example: By simply placing a brand such as Coke, or Nike, which are easily associated brands.

And to finish, hoarding boards construction sites can be used for more than just simply hiding dangerous equipment and protecting civilians that pass the site on a regular basis. These sites can be used to advertise the future brands that might be present in the building or can be used to protect and enlighten the public. Additionally, to bring awareness to the public of what services may be useful to them in the near future. Use these construction sites to ensure that the public are ready and informed of what is on the way.